DELTA SERVICES PVT vast network includes healthcare and other insurance services. Given our extensive exposure to Human Resources and outsourcing domain, medical insurance is applicable in every scenario from new hire employees as well as employees on our payroll services and candidates traveling on work visa. We provide Medical insurance to individuals and originations with multiple insurance plans ranging from Health insurance, Auto, Property, Travel, business and corporate insurance. Our client’s records, claims are processed and maintained confidentially, we have developed highly secured environment engineered primarily to achieve zero compromise on data and privacy breach.

Individuals and families can avail our attractive long-term insurance plans with competitive pricing offering best healthcare consultation from top medical centers nationwide. Organization can insure their staff, properties and assets with our exclusive business plans designed for mid to large business mitigating organizational risk with optimal insurance services. Our insurance services are conducted in compliance with governing bodies and legal standards, all claims are processed with our dedicated specialists with immediate action, utmost accuracy and privacy. We manage all day to day operation updating and maintaining records accordingly enabling client to focus on their core objective handing insurance operation and administration to us.

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